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We are expecting kittens this Summer 2019
We gladly accept advance reservations.
Our pet price is $850.00. We do not freight ship kittens.
Kittens will be available to qualified homes as breeders or sold as pets, hence all inquiries are welcome
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Welcome to Davasoir Siamese!
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Davasoir Siamese was established in collaboration with Gotier Siamese to benefit from their long breeding program designed to preserve and strengthen health and vigor of the Siamese breed. Purebred Siamese are strikingly beautiful, noble, loyal animal-companions. When you adopt a Davasoir kitten, they will be sturdy, beautiful and affectionate. We want them to enjoy a long healthy life with you and their new family.

Davasoir Siamese has two CFA certified breeding animals at this stage of our new cattery. Our blue point sire, Snocrest Nijinsky, was imported (along with his litter mate, Snocrest Nureyev of Gotier) from New Zealand in 2016 by Henri Pelletier of Gotier Siamese. Over the 44-years of Gotier breeding, there have been a total of eighteen imported cats with respective pedigrees for the betterment of the breed. Mr. Pelletier imported Nureyev & Nijinsky as his final imports, to bring new blood and genetic diversity to U.S. Siamese.

Snocrest Nijinsky is very sweet tempered, easygoing and he is a natural stud! He and our young seal point female, Gotier Amazing Grace of Davasoir, are expecting their first litter in early Spring 2017. Amazing Grace is the product of CFA registered Gotier Rennaisance Man (sire) and Gotier January Song en Chocolat (dam). We are expecting charming, beautiful and vigorous kittens from these two genetically unrelated Siamese. We look forward to sharing pictures of their first litter!

At Davasoir I strongly support the goal of maintaining CFA standards in breeding for Siamese purity and beauty. I also strongly support genetic outcrossing of mated pairs, especially through international importing as occurred with our beautiful, supremely affectionate New Zealand import, Snocrest Nijinsky. Beauty must be combined with vigorous health so that there may be a long loving partnership between you and your Siamese.

Donna Armstrong
1420 Crawford Ave.
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
E-mail: davasoirsiamese@gmail.com

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